When You Want Art In Your Structure

At BNS Studio, we believe that architecture inspires a state of mind, spirit, and relationships in society. Award-winning BNS Studio is founded in 2011 by a dedicated group of architects with diverse backgrounds whose mission is to adapt creative design ideas to clients’ best interests. Our rich knowledge of the latest design methods and materials has enabled us to provide the best solutions for any complex projects in various categories and scales of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and interior design.

Our purpose is to create a better living space through the power of design. To build new space for people across the world. Our unique design approach has been well recognized worldwide and has led us to win national and international awards such as the Middle East Architecture Awards in Dubai, UAE (2014), International Architecture Awards, Chicago, United States (2015), Architizer A+ Award, New York, United State (2017) and 2A Asia Architecture Award, Berlin, Germany (2017)

BNS is our home. Together, we build on each other’s life experiences and perspectives to make great things possible every day. This shapes our collaborative culture, encourages organizational trust, and connects us closer to the clients and communities we serve.


Farshad Kazerooni

Co-Founder &

CEO of BNS Studio

2005-2008 : MA in Landscape Architecture
Shahid Beheshti University, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism.
2001-2005 : BA in Architecture Azad University, Tehran Central Branch, Faculty of Art and Architecture.
Farshad Kazerooni brings more than a decade of experience as an architect to his role at BNS. Before BNS, he worked as a designer at Negin Shahr E Ayandeh architecture firm in Iran, where he was an integral part of the design team for several landscapes, residential and urban projects. He was also a lecturer at Azad University teaching design studio during this period. He has published several articles on
Cemetery architecture in Persian culture in prestigious architectural magazines such as Memari and Farhang as well as conferences such as IFLA China in 2010. He received his BA degree from Azad University in 2005 and a master's of Landscape Architecture from Shahid Beheshti University in 2008. He also has quite a keen interest in photography and graphic design.

Farnaz Bakhshi

Co-Founder &

Managing Principal of BNS Studio

2005-2008 : MA in Architecture UB University, New York, USA.
1998-2005 :MA in Architecture and Urban Design Azad University, Tehran Central Branch, Faculty of Art and Architecture.
Farnaz Bakhshi began her architecture career at HDR Architecture Inc. where she took part in the designing of international healthcare projects such as Cleveland Clinic and Health point in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She received two master’s degrees in architecture from Azad University in 2005 and the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2008. She has extensive experience in designing modern residential, recreational, and cultural structures.

Azin Soltani

Co-Founder &

Managing Principal of BNS Studio

1998-2005 : MA in Architecture and Urban Design Azad University, Tehran Central Branch, Faculty of Art and Architecture.
1994-1998 : BA in Applied Mathematics Shahid Beheshti University, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences.

Azin Soltani is a gifted architect who masters adaptation of reality in her innovative design concepts. She has more than ten years of experience in design and project management in a wide range of projects such as educational, residential, commercial, and federal buildings. Ms. Soltani previously worked at Maher Consultants Co, ATEC Consultants, and Design Core [4S]. She received her MA from Azad University (Tehran central branch) in 2005, published many articles in nationally renowned architectural magazines such as Architecture and Urbanism, and won national and international architecture awards.